Unforgettable Experience

When i graduated from junior high school i choose  the one of senior high school in Labuan Bajo to continue my education. That is the first state vocational school or every one usually called SMIP Labuan Bajo.  why i choose the tourism high school? As we know that Labuan Bajo is the most popular destination in the world, it would be the one  opportunity  for job in the future.

I have planned it before i graduate from junior high school with my old friends. We went o Labuan Bajo together and prepared all the administration. It was the first time i visited to labuan bajo. i was very happy because there are a lot of beautiful places that i could spend my short time beside the main purpose to followed the test at SMK Negeri 1 Labuan Bajo.  the beautiful places were Binongko beach, pede beach, waerana beach, mirror stone cave, the beautiful sunset from the hills and many more.

Well, to enter the tourism high school i must to followed the test. I think the students who pass the test examination were lucky.  Unfortunately, the test is not to difficult because it was only the simple science test, mathematics test and simple english test. All the sentences or every number in the test were like the last examination in junior high school.

Over all, it wasn’t  give me occasion to pass the test. When it was done, i went to Bari, the capital of Macang pacar district located in the north of west Manggarai regency.  I studied at the first senior high school of Macang pacar.  When i graduated  in 2015, stopped for a year to help my parents  by looking for job to get money.  Now i am studying in this university to start my real future  by learning hard, getting more experience about acknowledgment and anything else i should get here.

So, that is the one of my unforgettable experience in my life. I learn from the experience  that every things  i never give up  with all the fail situation result,  behind the fail result there is one thing to be success, to open the new inspire, to change the habit and to change my life better.

                i think, that’s all about the unforgettable experience. I am sorry  for my English, i am not the best in English  but i want to learn English well.  I need  the criticism and suggestion  in words and grammar  to change better.


sebenarnya ini pengalaman teman aku, namanya Natalia Maju tapi karena aku diminta untuk menulisnya menggunakan bahasa Inggris, maka inilah hasil tulisan yang tidak seperti yang sekolah khusus jurusan bahasa Inggris. heheh

Thank you for reading






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